Travellers Online Website & rebranding

Following our work for the campaign for a seat in the UN Security Council, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked us to create a new design for its successful online platform Travellers Online. Once again, a unique opportunity for us to show our graphical and technical skills to an audience of potentially millions of people.

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About the project

Are you going on a trip abroad, inside or outside the European Union? Don’t forget to register your trip through Travellers Online. Through this easy-to-use governmental website, all Belgians can fill in their travel information and travel contact details in Belgium. In case of a crisis in the country of destination (a natural disaster, an accident, terrorist attack…) the Belgian Ministry Foreign Affairs can contact the travellers and their family in Belgium more quickly if necessary through e-mail, phone or sms.

The Belgian governmental Travellers Online was officially launched by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Didier Reynders in early July 2015. Since then, 174,565 Belgians registered their trip online. Turkey, France, Thailand, Spain and Egypt are the countries for which Belgian travelers register the most.  

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Wide range of print materials

To start off our creative trip, we designed a new website logo that says it all. We equally designed a wide range of print materials like this information folder attached to all new Belgian passports.

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Registering your trip

In each country, crises, attacks or accidents can occur. Registering your trip through Travelers Online enables the FPS Foreign Affairs to inform and support you if necessary in case of an accident or crisis in the destination country. Your contact information remains confidential and is removed from the database after the return date.

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A large number of technical and visual adjustments make the registration site feel much more user-friendly. For instance: it is now possible to register multiple trips at a time. The registration of group travel has also been simplified and can now be completed by one person for a whole group at the same time.

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The new interface makes the registration of a trip even easier. On the homepage, a link was added to the FPS Foreign Affairs Travel Advice, as well as a separate chapter "Frequently Asked Questions" giving background information on the use of the site, optimal travel preparation and common travelling issues. An elegant mobile version of the website was developed to ensure a fluent registration process on smartphones and tablets.

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