Signage for the Dok Noord office complex

Dok Noord is a special project alongside the Voorhaven in the 19th-century city ring of Ghent. This unique industrial reconversion building is not only a exciting shopping centre and a populair office complex but equally a residential hotspot. For the design of the brand new office signage, the Dok Noord management asked us to spill some ideas. A short time later, some of those hung on the wall.

Dok Beeld 3

Getting aligned

After a series of informal talks and meetings with the Dok Noord management and the all of the tenants - including ourselves  - we quickly reached consensus on the perfect design route to follow.  With now all the noses pointing in the same direction and a creative design on the table, the biggest hurdle towards success was already taken.

Dok Beeld 4
Dok Beeld 5

Millimeter work

Time for the next step. All signage elements were meticulously constructed by one of our partners and strategically placed throughout the premises, covering every single door and business. During the installation of the signage across the building and hallways, each and every element was inspected military style by our art director in order to avoid mistakes and ensure the desired look and feel. All together, we chose a design, perfectly matching the concrete walls all across the premises.

Dok Beeld 6
Dok Beeld 7 New
Dok Beeld 9
Dok Beeld 8

Never get lost again

In order to create a pleasant on-site experience for Dok Noord visitors, clients and employees looking their way around the building, we created multiple designs in various compositions that fit together as one. Throughout the entire premises, these colorful designs constructed out of in plexiglass and light wood now make the perfect match with the concrete interior of the building.

Dok Beeld 20 New
Dok Beeld 13
Dok Beeld 16
Dok Beeld 15
Dok Beeld 19 New