Pfizer Belgium flying office interior design

Since we started exploring corporate interior design, our creative journey has become more exciting than ever. Our biggest interior project so far: creating a new flying office at Pfizer Belgium in Puurs. Our art director teamed up with Pfizers' interior designer to design a more modern, flexible and productive working space.

Our client

For over 150 years Pfizer has relied on groundbreaking scientific research to provide people around the world with medicine and innovative therapies that prolong and improve their lives. It is the company’s sole ambition to be the world's leading biopharmaceutical company. The Belgian branch specializes in sterile processing, vaccine development and medicine packaging. The Puurs factory is Pfizer's second largest production facility in the world.

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The mission

Pfizer’s previous office environment lacked space, imagination, natural light and a touch of the outdoors. That’s why Pfizer and its facility management agency Freestone asked us to create a compelling new design for their brand-new offices, currently being built on top of the factory's production unit. Our mission was to design a state-of-the-art, inspiring, and creativity-inducing working environment that meets all of today’s requirements. We were also tasked with providing a new design standard for future Pfizer office spaces.

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The flying office

First thing on the list was a full redesign of the company’s dressing rooms and storage space. Right after that, we designed a brand new flying office, situated on top of the roof of the production unit building. This flexible office creates about 100 new flexible workplaces, multiple coffee corners, hangout and meeting zones, quiet spaces, standing tables, classic office desks and conference rooms in all possible sizes.

How we did it

Pfizer is a company that is continually expanding, meaning the number of employees is constantly growing. Since the on-site space is limited, we had to look for innovative ways to maximize Pfizer's office capacity while creating more breathing space for its employees. As always, we didn't think in terms of limitations but only saw opportunities.

After a series of meetings and interviews, designing mood boards and a new office layout and creating high-end rendered images, we were able to excite Pfizer with our ideas and convince them with our innovative approach. In fact, we even managed to bring about some major changes in the company household.

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A space for everyone

This brand-new flying office with traditional desks, standing tables, comfy floor pillows and cosy meeting spaces enables employees to quickly check their emails, discretely take a call or meet up with co-workers and clients throughout the day.

The soundproofed meeting spaces are perfect for small private meetings. A mix of luxurious and affordable office furniture ties the room together. To boost the employees' creativity, we've also created informal meeting spaces where new ideas can be written or drawn straight onto the walls.

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Off your chair

In order to stay fit, you need to move your body. That’s why we’ve placed coffee machines, printers et cetera away from the desks, within walking distance. This allows colleagues to connect with one another throughout the day, keeping distraction at the workspaces themselves to a minimum. This office concept facilitates basic physical exercise and reduces background noise, resulting in a higher level of productivity and better overall fitness among employees.

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